Installer reviews

At Double Glazing Experts, we’re aware that choosing the right company to go for can be a confusing and difficult experience. Choosing a local installer can often mean you’ll receive a more personal service and without large overheads, potentially a cheaper price. On the other hand, the large national installers, such as Anglian, Everest and SafeStyle, may charge higher prices but may be able to offer peace of mind that a large company is backing the installation.

It can be tempting to just pick the cheapest quote that you’re given, but we recommend that you score your potential installers based on more than just price, to ensure that you get the windows that you’re expecting. To download a checklist and read our recommendations, head over to our Double Glazing Guide: How to choose the right double glazing installer.

If you’re still at the start of your double glazing journey, you may want to jump head first into reading our comprehensive reviews of the big national double glazing installers by going to our reviews section. If you’re nearing the end of your double glazing adventure (or about to start the process of fixing something that’s gone wrong), please do visit our review centre, to tell us your thoughts on your double glazing installer of choice.