Euramax Installed Reviews

Who are Euramax Installed?

Euramax Installed are one of several uPVC window and door manufacturers and providers based in the UK. Compared to many other national companies they have been around a long time. With the business established in 1949, Euramax have over 60 years’ experience in the industry and work with some of the UKs most trusted DIY retailers in the UK with their products and services promoted in stores.

Unlike many other UK manufacturers and providers who promote how much of the UK they cover, Euramax tend to stick to working in Yorkshire and surrounding areas, keeping their focus more targeted and working on a local basis.

Euramax pride themselves on their high-quality products and highly trained professional installers as well as promoting a ‘6-week turnaround’ from point of enquiry to complete installation. When working on a local basis this is achievable and definitely a key selling point for any customer.

Euramax offer quite a unique tool through their website enabling customers to select and design their own products pretty much instantly. Euramax dismiss some of the services offered by their larger competitors, such as a ‘dedicated member of their team’ visiting customers at home to discuss their requirements. They deem this as purely just salesmen and suggest they are more transparent in their costing, less pushy and up front about all costs. Euramax claim that they ‘have the capacity and nationwide reach of the big players but have the prices and non-invasive approach of your local tradesman’ as well as cutting out ‘all the invasive sales technique our industry is known for’. Euramax stand by a ‘no nonsense pricing’ strategy.

All Euramax products come with a 10-year guarantee, full industry accreditation and meet the UK regulatory standards and requirements relating to glazing, products and energy efficiency. Euramax are also approved and certified by the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme (FENSA), the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and the Safety and Management Advisory Services (SMAS) for your own peace of mind.

What areas do Euramax cover?

Many other UK manufacturers and providers, including Euramax’s larger competitors, pride themselves on covering the entire UK, or at least England and Wales. This can provide both advantages and disadvantages; advantages where suppliers can work on economies of scale, driving down prices and disadvantages where a company spreads themselves too thin. This is perhaps why Euramax, alike smaller window and door suppliers, choose to remain operating on a local basis, targeting specific areas or counties. Euramax are based in Yorkshire and cover the county and nearby areas but will also offer full installation nationwide if requested.

Euramax have their state of the art facility based in Barnsley, Yorkshire and operate predominantly from here with approved teams of installers working up and down the country on their behalf providing their full range of products and services.

Euramax Pricing

Most UK window and door manufacturers, suppliers and installers do not provide specific prices on their products and an actual price list is very seldom seen. This is purely because windows and doors are, quite understandably, made to measure and vary significantly on the exact requirements that the customer needs, in addition to their preferences in relation to style, colour and design.

Euramax very much break the mould when it comes to this as they do in fact provide a price list on their website for the majority of their products. In addition, an explanation is provided next to each price list describing exactly what the price is for, i.e. the exact material and product measurements, as well as what this includes, i.e. full installation. This is refreshingly transparent and relates to a fixed range of standardised products. Their online design tool enables you to select the standardised product for which you will most likely have seen the price for, and tailor it to suit your specific requirements, style and preferences by selecting from their wide range of designs, colours and features, finally providing you with an accurate quote.

This is really unique to Euramax and whilst similar tools are available on the websites of other competitors, these are much more limited tools, generally only provided by mainstream providers and still result in directing you to a highly-trained sales team that will no doubt try every trick in the book to upsell you extras and add-ons that you inherently do not necessarily need.

The only issue is that it is difficult to compare their prices to see if the price you are provided with at the end of the online design process is reasonable in relation to other providers. This will take a bit more digging, however, this is no different to any other provider but the information is easier to come by with Euramax to start with.

Euramax offer finance plans on all their products providing the order value exceeds £3,000 (inclusive of VAT). Euramax outline clearly on their website the terms and conditions in relation to this finance plan and currently offer 3-years interest free credit, providing a minimum deposit of 10% is placed and the products are for your home address.

Contacting Euramax

You can visit Euramax in person by visiting their showroom in Barnsley; in fact, if you live within 30 miles of one of their showroom, they will even pick you up! So, if you have transport issues or are unable to get to Barnsley easily, they will help you. You can find out more information on this service, their showrooms and product range by visiting their website Alternatively, there are a variety of other ways you can get in touch with Euramax:

You can write to Euramax by using the below postal address:

Euramax Installed Ltd.
Euramax House
Ashroyd Business Park
Ashroyds Way
Platts Common
S74 9SB

Euramax Installed offer an instant messaging online chat service with their customer service team on their website as well as an enquiry submission form. You can select exactly what your enquiry relates to and add a personal message with further information you may wish to include. A member of their service team will then contact you on the e-mail address or phone number you choose to provide. Alternatively, you can e-mail their team directly at

If you wish to speak with a member of their team on the phone, you can do so by calling 0330 311 5130. There is just one standard phone number for all enquiries, unlike some other manufacturers and providers who have different phone numbers depending where you are in the ordering process; i.e. one number for enquiry stage, another number for order in process and another for order received and installed but something is wrong. This keeps things nice and simple!

Euramax’s offices are open as per the below times:

Monday to Thursday – 8am until 5pm
Fridays – 8am until 12pm

Outside of these hours you will need to leave a message either by phone, e-mail or enquiry form submission and have a member of their team get back to you when their offices reopen. This is not hugely convenient as means if you work full-time, typical day time working hours that you will struggle to be able to contact them in your free time, although the beauty of e-mails means that you can always pick them up whenever and wherever.

Euramax Products

Euramax manufacture, sell and install uPVC windows, doors and similar products that can either replace current products to refresh an image or upgrade an outdated, inefficient material or add personalised design to a new build or extension that is unique to you and your property.

Euramax offer a set range of products on their website that can be browsed through, selected and personalised to your preferred style. You can choose the exact measurements, the specific colour of the uPVC, the colour of any handles to be included in the product as well as different types of glass if to be featured in the product.
To make any order as quick, as simple and as easy as possible for you, Euramax clearly outline their 4-step process that enables and empowers you to order your windows and obtain a specific quote instantly;

    Take measurements for your required product

    A supporting guide on how to properly take measurements for this step is available to download, instantly for free, from their website. It guides you through exactly what you should be measuring and what you may need to account and allow for. Some may find having this responsibility quite daunting and may, quite understandably, be concerned that they may measure incorrectly or just do not know what they are doing as much as an expert or experienced fitter would. Whilst this is no doubt true, you do not need to worry as the measurements can be adjusted before your order is placed and they will double check your measurements are in fact correct in step three.

  1. Choose your design
  2. Euramax have hundreds of designs to choose from on their website with variations on each product that allow you to adapt and tailor your specific product to suit your style and taste and reflect the look, feel and character of your property. Early uPVC products held a reputation for being clunky and unattractive with older, more traditional, period properties, however the range of styles and colours they are now available in should set your mind at ease.

  3. Home Survey
  4. As explained above in step one; your measurements will not be relied upon as the be all and end all of your order and relied upon as the final submission. Euramax understand that you may not be 100% accurate as whilst their free, downloadable guide is a fantastic support, it is only a guide and there is no expectation that you will get things completely spot on. If this was the case, many specialists would be no doubt out of a job. What this does allow you to do though is make a very close estimate to enable to you determine your requirements earlier and obtain a quote instantly online rather than having to wait for a sales team to come back to you with an initial indication.

  5. Installation
  6. Once the home survey has firmed up your measurements and confirmed the exact product, design, colour and style that you want, then you just need to book your installation. Choose a convenient time and date and have your new windows, doors or conservatory installed by one of their expert fitters.

Euaramax’s 4-step guide through of the process is probably one of the clearest provided by any UK window and door provider and is easily understandable by any customer. They frequently use the phrase ‘no gimmicks’ and pride themselves on being straight up and simple which is most definitely reflected in their website, outline of products and transparency of prices and pricing structure.

In addition to a simple 4-step process and prices available immediately online, Euramax offer a variety of downloadable self-help and informative guides, as well as product brochures that are free to download and can be done so without tie or clause.

One of the guides is mentioned in the above 4-step process and explains how to measure your window or door, for example, to obtain as accurate measurement as possible. Whilst pretty much all websites include the details of each product, these can sometimes be difficult to find or displayed in a confusing format. Companies want to avoid information overload and summarise the key points to keep a reader’s attention, but this means that the full information is not always displayed or you have to click through to several links for further, more detailed information and specifications.

To simplify things and make them easier for you, Euramax provide a wide selection of downloadable guides covering all their products. Downloadable guides from the Euramax website are as below:

  • How to Measure
  • Composite Door
  • Project Price Example Guide
  • Composite Door Hardware Options
  • Composite Door Technical Options
  • Euramax Shield Inspiration
  • Be Inspired Euramax
  • Shield Inspiration Bifold Doors
  • Celsius Solid Roof Retail Brochure
  • Evolve Vertical Sash Brochure
  • Warmcore Brochure

Euramax also offer several care and maintenance guides available to download alongside product guarantee forms and specific guarantee terms and conditions.
Euramax specialise in a number of different products:

Windows (uPVC); Casement windows and vertical slider windows

All Euramax windows are made using the most recent developments in design and uPVC to ensure maximum energy efficiency and security in addition to being pleasing on the eye. They also use several recycled materials in their products which are just as durable but much more beneficial towards the environment. uPVC is renowned for its low maintenance and longevity, proving incredibly cost effective.

You can browse Euaramax’s collection of windows on their website and will find that all their windows are/include:

  • A-rated
  • Low E 28mm Argon-filled Glass
  • Double glazed units
  • UK standards and Building Regulations approved
  • FENSA accredited
  • Toughened glass for windows exceeding 1.3m in height
  • Internally beaded for extra security

Doors (uPVC); Front and back entrance doors, French doors and sliding patio doors

Alike their windows, Euramax offer a wide selection of doors offering a range of styles, colours, handles, finishes and glazing options in addition to advanced security features. The benefits of uPVC are frequently highlighted by window and door companies as an efficient and cost-effective alternative to other materials, such as timber wood. A typical problem with wooden doors can be the swelling and shrinking throughout the year where doors begin to stick in colder, wetter months and then dry back out again stressing the wood itself come the dryer, summer months. uPVC does offer a great solution to this problem and does not rot, flake, peel or rust ensuring minimal maintenance throughout the product’s lifetime.

Euramax ensure their doors include the most advanced security features such as robust hinges, efficient locking mechanisms, quality operating hardware and high security multi-point locking systems as standard for peace of mind.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs; Celsius Solid Roof

Many of Euramax’s competitors provide different solutions and elements of roof or cladding replacements. Euramax specialise in an innovative tiled roof system specifically for conservatory retrofits and new conservatory and conservatory-style extensions.

A large problem often reported by owners of conservatories is the temperature of them and how variable this can be throughout the year – too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The winter months tend to be the most difficult, especially if you are using your conservatory as a room full-time, for example as a lounge, dining or playroom. A conservatory in these cases is an excellent way to provide you with additional space and that much-needed extra room but the nature of a conservatory means that even with the best uPVC products, the closest seal and the most highly skilled fitters, a lot of heat can still be lost through them.

A solid roof can make a huge amount of difference and offers a much more highly insulated alternative to other roofs frequently used as cheaper alternatives. The Celsius Solid Roof provided by Euramax purposefully does not use an aluminium framework to ensure the roof remains solid, more efficient at keeping the heat in and cold out with no possibility of cold bridging. This really does provide a superior thermal product and is equally available in a good range of colours and styles to suit your home.

What do their customers think?

Euramax feature and highlight several customer reviews on their website and can be found on most, if not all pages, as well as a snapshot stream of reviews and customer feedback left on their social media accounts. These reviews are all to a high standard consistently showcasing 4 and 5 star reviews. As always, it is very easy for a company to carefully select what reviews are and are not featured on their website and it is not uncommon for them to do so.

Trustpilot is a popular third party review website which often gives away some of the less favourable feedback that companies would prefer not to show at the forefront of their business. Unusually, Euramax scores consistently high; in fact, no negative reviews can be found on Trustpilot nor any other website. When searching for Euramax reviews they do not actually feature on many other third party websites which does raise a slight suspicion as even a fantastic company with excellent products and unrivalled customer service still has bad days and when you are dealing with such large and bespoke products, it is inevitable that every now and then a small mistake is made.

Either Euramax get it perfect every single time, or they have been very clever with their SEO and spent a lot of time editing or removing negative reviews. Whilst they are admittedly a small company compared to their larger national competitors, it would still be expected that they have more online reviews for how long they have been around.

Oddly enough, Euramax score very low on review site Glassdoor. Whilst this is not a customer review site, it is in fact an employee review site where individuals who have either interviewed for or worked for a company can review their experience and provide general advice on working for the company, it does provide a different side to things with a number of very negative reviews from ex-employees and quite recently also. Like any review site, they are, within reason, self-regulated and so as always, some things can be taken with a pinch of salt but management problems are highlighted as concerns on here which makes an interesting read.

Euramax Offers

Euramax frequently refer back to their tag line as such of ‘no offers, no gimmicks’. The praise themselves on being straightforward and for cutting out the unnecessarily pushy typical salesman so frequently associated with the industry. In line with reassurance that they offer fantastic prices, Euramax do not run any price offers or deals.