Everest Home Improvements Review

Who are Everest?

Everest are industry-leaders in their field with over 50 years’ experience in fitting windows, doors and conservatories across the UK. Established in 1965, Everest have satisfied 2 million customers providing a wide range of products to make your home warmer, quieter and safer. As well as a fantastic product range designed to suit any home and style, Everest’s customer service team are second-to-none with a specialists on hand across the entire supply chain should you need their expertise or advice at any stage. Whilst over the last 50 years Everest have expanded and developed their vast range of products, they have continued to source and manufacture their entire collection in the UK.

Everest pride themselves on the high standard and quality of their windows, doors and conservatories with expert designers and incredible craftsmanship ensuring only the best for their customers. Without compromising quality and durability, Everest deliver good value by tailoring quotes to each customers unique requirements.

What areas do Everest cover?

Everest cover the whole of the United Kingdom delivering the highest quality modern developments of market-leading windows, doors and conservatories to customers throughout the country. Their product range is truly unparalleled and most importantly, they hire experts local to you to complete each installation. Combining the expertise of an established national company with the care, attention and flexibility of a local consultants and craftsman ensures that you receive the best, wherever you are in the UK.

Everest Pricing

Everest windows deliver incredible value for money when it comes to their range of windows, doors and conservatories. Whilst the cheapest products on the market are not always quite so cheerful, Everest ensure you are left satisfied with a quality product that also suits your budget with many price promotions offered throughout the year. Tested beyond UK standards, their products really hit the mark and 2016 saw the launch of their warmest triple glazing range yet.

Price comparison websites can be useful tools for a multitude of products and services, however fixed prices are often for fixed sizes and limited options, leaving no room for flexibility or adaptation. Everest ‘make-to-order’ to ensure you receive the best product; the effectiveness of your windows, doors and conservatory is absolutely crucial and the only way to full ensure they keep your home as warm and secure as possible is to manufacture exactly to your measurements.

Every single customer is covered by Everest’s price promise guarantee – once you have received your completely free, no obligation, bespoke quote from Everest, they will guarantee that they have offered the best price on the market. For 7 days you are free to shop around, if you wish to do so, to see how the price compares based on what you want and need. Your original quote is valid for this entire period whilst you double check you really are getting the best value for your money. If you do manage to find it cheaper elsewhere, Everest will match the price immediately – you really cannot lose!

Contacting Everest

You can contact Everest in a number of ways so whichever suits you best. Phone calls to Everest are free so you can speak with their expert team without it costing you a penny.

Quotation Appointment

Request a call back for a time that is convenient for you or book your free quotation appointment today. Everest experts will even come to your home for no cost at all to discuss exactly what you want, measure the precise areas and even bring round samples so you can see how your home could be transformed. Just like the phone call to book your appointment, the quotation and meeting is absolutely free – no strings attached! Everest’s customers trust their products and consultants and use their services time and time again – find out why today, call 0800 044 8519 to schedule your appointment now.

General Enquiries

Lots of general enquiries are covered by Everest’s FAQ section on their website, but if you need any more information or have any other questions, you can contact their general enquiries team to find out more. Whether exploring their product range further, gaining a better understanding of what may suit your needs best or for any other typical queries speak with their team by calling them for free on 0800 044 8519 now.

Customer Service

You may find their live online chat service answers all your queries anyway! Log on to their website at www.everest.co.uk to speak now with one of their online advisors who can answer your questions, provide further information and advise you of your next steps.

Alternatively, if you have questions on your already installed windows, doors or conservatory from maintenance and care to general queries and wish to speak with someone directly over the phone, you can always contact the customer service team on 0800 010 123. You can check the opening times for the customer service phone line online at www.everest.co.uk

Everest Products

Everest specialise in windows, doors and conservatories custom built for your home to the highest quality standards. Their extensive product range ensures that they have something for everyone and any property age, style or shape can be accommodated for whether commercial or residential. All of their products are extensively tested and exceed UK required standards making them stand out against other companies and their products. You know with Everest you are getting not only the best for your home or business, but the best for your money as well with their price promise guarantee.

The materials, sealants, glazing and functionality of windows has advanced considerably in recent years and the expert design and manufacturing team at Everest work consistently hard to ensure that their windows are of the best quality and standard whilst looking beautifully suited to your home.

Everest’s range of doors covers all types, styles and purposes. Whether looking to replace and upgrade your front door or other entrance doors, or patio, bi-fold or French doors. Whatever design and style you are looking for, Everest can create it to perfectly suit you and your home.

You will not be disappointed with the variety of windows available with Everest and their individual bespoke benefits and range of modifications available to truly personalise your choice to you and your home. Whether standard casement, sash, tilt and turn or dual turn, Everest should be able to provide the style you’re looking for.

When adding on a conservatory or orangery, it really is important that you are able to use it all year round to make the most of your investment and maximise the use of the extended space. Everest provide high quality products that are fitted by experts to ensure the wonderful addition to your house is glazed, insulated and measured properly so throughout the winter months the heat stays in, and the cold stays out. Their high quality products also minimise noise travel as well reducing it significantly compared to other suppliers.

uPVC Frames

Reflecting the most advanced developments in window, door and conservatory technology, Everest’s uPVC range really do have a superior quality to them that provide a wide range of benefits from functionality and energy efficiency to their appearance:

uPVC Frames – Double and Triple Glazing

Double and triple glazing keep your home warmer than even with Everest’s windows excelling above the rest. Their double glazing range can save you over £450 every year on your heating bill making a huge difference in your first 12 months of installation and an even bigger difference over time. Their exact measurements and highly skilled installation specialists ensure they are perfectly sealed and fitted to your home for maximum impact.

Whilst double glazing can save you a large sum of money in energy bills, the nature of glass means that there is still the potential for a significant amount of heat to be lost through your glazing. This potential gain has driven the industry to develop new technologies to enable even further energy efficiencies. One such innovation that is still not widely used, but likely to eventually become the norm, is triple glazing. 35% more efficient than double glazing, triple glazing makes a huge difference and is ideal for those on the coast or more exposed to colder and windier weather. Keep the draughts out and the heat in!

uPVC Frames – Security

uPVC does provide the highest level of security with a multi-point locking system including bi-directional locks and also has lockable ventilation. Everest’s uPVC windows actually exceed the UK’s window security requirements by 100% setting them apart from the rest of the market.

uPVC Frames – Appearance

All Everest’s uPVC windows, doors and conservatories have a fresh, smooth appearance and white stays white – no fading or discolouration over time like with some cheaper alternative uPVC products. New Smoothweld materials and technology means that uPVC window joins are barely visible providing a smooth, consistent and neat look. Everest understand that whilst one colour frame may look brilliant on the inside of your home, it does not always suit the outside, and so all uPVC comes in a wide range of colour options as well as single and two-colour styles to enable you to have one colour internally and another externally.

Timber Frames

Whilst uPVC provides an incredibly quality and a wide range of appearances range, the uPVC frame does not suit every style and home and so a Timber frame is a perfect alternative. Timber is an incredibly durable material and if you were worried that it may not last as long as uPVC, Everest put your mind at ease with their 30-year guarantee on all timber frames and casements.

Timber Frames – Double Glazing

Many customers mistakenly think that double glazing is only available with uPVC windows – this is not true! You can still take advantage of the benefits of double glazing whilst having gorgeous traditional timber frames. These can be made to suit any type of window from traditional sash to a more modern dual turn. Timber also naturally retains heat helping insulate you even better in your home.

Timber Frames – Security

The combination of wood in timber frames is engineered and tailored to strengthen frames considerably eradicating knots. Laminated for additional strength, the timber frames also resist twisting. Like uPVC, timber also come with a multi-point locking system that exceeds standard British requirements.

Timber Frames – Appearance

For more period properties or even those with a more traditional character, plastic frames are not to everyone’s taste or style and so timber allows customers to maintain the style of their building whilst upgrading the quality of their windows. With a huge range of designs and bespoke manufacturing, your windows will fit your home exactly and the variety of options available within each product range ensures you can tailor their build and look so you will not be disappointed with the final result.

Aluminium Frames

Aluminium is one of the most modern developments in frames and casements with their product range offering a number of benefits. They have become extremely popular with modern properties and refurbishments with their thin and sleek design that is still incredibly efficient.

Aluminium Frames – Double Glazing

Aluminium, alike all of Everest’s frame options, available with double glazing to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your bills. Using polyamide insulation, aluminium windows are incredibly efficient as they are uniquely designed to transfer heat through the frame and keep heat loss to an absolute minimum.

Aluminium Frames – Security

Whilst aluminium is naturally light, it is incredibly durable and rigorously tested for its strength and durability to maximise its security for your home. Exactly as with uPVC windows, a multi-point locking system operates along with lockable ventilation and internal glazing beads ensuring that all of Everest’s products go beyond by exceeding UK security standards recommended for all windows in Britain.

Aluminium Frames – Appearance

As with all of Everest’s windows, doors and conservatories, aluminium frames are made to measure which means the fit is as precise as possible. Not only does this maximise their insulation and impact in your home, but is also means that less sealant is required around the edges as they fit much better than other supplier’s fixed size products. The smooth, sleek effect of aluminium, along with this much neater finish and appearance, really is very pleasing on the eye. Aluminium frames are also more or less maintenance free as they will not rot, rust, peel or flake!

In addition to windows, doors and conservatories, Everest also offer a range of artificial grass, security systems, flat roofs and improvements, driveways and garage doors.

What do their customers think?

Everest come highly recommended by their customers with outstanding reviews throughout their 50 year history. One online customer review from an independent website told how he used Everest in 1986 and did not hesitate to return 30 years later for a new door for his property. Both the quality of the products, the installation and customer service is praised by customers.

A good way to find out whether you’ll get a good job done by Everest for the product that you’re looking at is to read through the experience of their customers, on a third party review site such as Trustpilot. You can see the Everest page over at https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.everest.co.uk – out of 758 reviews (at the time of writing), they have been scored an average of 7.5 out of 10 from their customers.

The Toughest Test Yet

Everest pride themselves on the quality of their product as well as the skill and attention to detail of their fitting experts. Proudly claiming that they ‘Fit the Best’, Everest advertising has focussed on the quality of their products in the past few years, with one of their recent adverts seeing the company swing a 100lb punch ball into a set of patio doors (without it breaking the glass!). Keen to demonstrate the advancement and developments of their products, Everest have upped their game in their latest commercial by doubling the weight thrown at their products with a 200lb (90kg) punch bag in the below video:

Everest Offers

In addition to Everest’s price promise. which guarantees your quote for 7 days whilst you compare prices, they also hold various promotions throughout the year. At present, Everest are offering a “price rewind” promotion, providing their entire range at old prices! You can take advantage of their excellent windows, doors and conservatories for prices in line with those offered in 1991 for a limited period of time (time of writing November 2016).

Social Media

Now that you have a good idea of what Everest offer and their strong and potentially weak points, why not check out their social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter, to find out more about how they work and to ask any questions you may still have. Click the respective buttons to see Everest Windows Facebook and Twitter pages;