Launa Windows Reviews

Who are Launa Windows?

Launa Windows are one of several uPVC window and door manufacturers and providers based in the UK. They are a family-run business providing and installing uPVC windows, doors, roofline products and conservatories. Unlike many other UK manufacturers and providers who promote how much of the UK they cover, Launa Windows tend to stick to working in the South West of England, keeping their focus more targeted and working on a local basis in the Bristol, Devon, Somerset and Cornwall areas.

Launa Windows pride themselves on their membership with Network Britannia; a regional network of window companies who only fit British-made products and uphold the highest of standards providing exceptional service. Launa Windows have over 35 years’ experience in the industry and very much wave the green flag when it comes to their corporate social responsibility. For example their state-of-the-art factory is solar powered and lit by low energy lighting. All of their orders are barcoded to reduce and work towards a paperless process. They recycle all cardboard and plastic waste with a compactor installed on site as well as the majority of their other waste materials, including old windows.

All Launa Windows products come with a 10-year guarantee, full industry accreditation and meet the UK regulatory standards and requirements relating to glazing, products and energy efficiency, only fitting A-rated glass as standard.

What areas do Launa Windows cover?

Many other UK manufacturers and providers, including Launa Windows’ larger competitors, pride themselves on covering the entirety of the UK reaching out to every last, little corner of the country. This can provide both advantages and disadvantages; advantages where suppliers can work on economies of scale, driving down prices and disadvantages where a company spreads themselves too thin. However with more and more companies like Launa Windows manufacturing and fitting their own products, they are able to be just as competitive price wise but offer the friendly, bespoke customer service that only a family or local-based company can do.

Launa Windows was founded in the South West of England and operates both in and for this region still today. They cover Bristol, Devon, Somerset and Cornwall and a full list of towns they have worked in can be found on their website.

Launa Windows Pricing

Many large national window and door suppliers heavily promote a price-match and guarantee service; however an increasing number of smaller, local providers are purposefully avoiding offering this same service. In today’s sales and marketing society, the typical UK consumer is so used to price-match guarantees that anyone not offering one may signal alarm bells however those that do not usually justify this with a fair pricing promise; i.e. their prices are constructed very reasonably and based on what they should be, they have no need to offer such a guarantee because they are most likely cheaper than those price-matching anyway – otherwise, they would not need to price match. This is exactly what Launa Windows do, priding themselves on their high quality, low cost products.

Alike many other companies, Launa Windows offer finance options to spread the cost of your windows and doors because even with the most reasonable deal on the market, replacement of windows or doors, or the addition of a new conservatory is not always going to be immediately affordable by most families and individuals. Their finance packages enable you to place a deposit and not start the payment instalments for another 12 months. As with 99% of finance plans, they are not free money, an interest is chargeable, however Launa Windows promote an APR below 20% (19.9% to be specific) which comes in low in comparison to other providers who offer closer to a 30% APR. Always read the small print!

Contacting Launa Windows

You will soon be able to visit Launa Windows in person with a new showroom coming soon. You can keep up to date with the opening of their showroom and view their variety of products, services and offers by visiting their website at

Whilst they do not have a showroom to visit just yet, there are a variety of other ways you can get in touch with Launa Windows. Launa Windows have branches based locally in each region and so the contact details will vary dependant on the closest office to you. This means you are likely to speak with a member of their team familiar with your area and not far from your home!
You can write to Launa Windows using the below postal addresses:

For their Bristol office
Launa Windows Bristol
Flowers Hill
City of Bristol

For their Devon office
Launa Windows Devon
Bradley Mill, Bradley Lane
Newton Abbot
TQ12 1LZ

A new office is also soon to be opened located in Cornwall.

Launa Windows offer an enquiry submission form on their website as well where you can select exactly what your enquiry relates to and add a personal message with further information you may wish to include. A member of their service team will then contact you on the e-mail address or phone number you choose to provide. Alternatively, you can e-mail their team directly at, this is a central e-mail address that relates to all offices and will be directed appropriately, so it may be worth specifying your location to make things easier and quicker for them.

If you would prefer to speak with a member of their team on the phone, you can do so by calling 0800 083 7777 to reach their Bristol or Cornwall Teams or by calling 01626 367 666 for their Devon Team. For the relevant regional team there is just one standard phone number for all enquiries, unlike some other manufacturers and providers who have different phone numbers depending where you are in the ordering process; i.e. one number for enquiry stage, another number for order in process and another for order received and installed but something is wrong. This keeps things nice and simple!

Launa Windows Products

Launa Windows offer a typical product range alike most other uPVC companies including a wide range of windows, doors (including bi-fold doors), conservatories and orangeries and porches. They also offer a range of triple glazing options which are not always as available through smaller, regional window and door companies and are proud to promote that all of their products are Made in Britain.

Product Quality and Accreditation

Launa Windows spend quite a lot of time and effort on their website promoting the high quality of their products and how, when, why and by whom this has been certified. Launa Windows offer downloadable brochures on each of their product types to offer an in-depth overview to ensure that you are aware of the testing the products have been through and how they exceed the high standards set across the UK by various bodies and regulators.

Quality Management Systems

Launa Windows and all of their suppliers for products conform to strictly controlled Quality Management Systems which are independently monitored. This ensures that everything is done by the book as such; the manufacturing, material make-up and product development is done exactly how it should be using the correct protocols, chemicals and procedures and done so to a best practise standard as well. This would involve various Launa Window products being sent to the independent monitors to assess their quality whether it is durability, longevity, security or one of many other testing factors. The example Management System they provide as their main example here is ISO 9001. ISO 9001 probably means nothing to anybody who does not work within the industry and sounds a lot like a product code but they are British Assessment Standards Scheme that can be only carried out by certified specialists and experts. A number of independent organisations in the UK offer ISO 9001 certification but must follow by the same regulatory standards in their assessment.

Whilst many of Launa Window’s competitors may also undergo this same quality management testing, ISO 9001 is not as visibly promoted on their websites, if at all.
British Standards Institute

All window and door providers will need to conform to the standards as set out by the BSI and it is rare that you will find a company that do not. If you do, steer clear of them! Launa Windows, alike their competitors, submit products to the BSI to be tested against a large number of different standards.
There are two main streams of testing standards carried out by the BSI which are:

BS7412: This testing covers the materials used, construction of products, their security, safety, weather tightness, operation and strength performance.
PAS24: This is a continuously developed security test that is widely acknowledged as being incredibly stringent in its testing. Windows are actually tested by the BSI to the point of complete destruction, testing just how long they really do last and sustain pressure, attempt at entry and repeated impact in order to meet the necessary requirements of enhanced security. Needless to say, you are in safe hands.

Building Control and Regulations

If you are building a new property, extending your current one, or adding a conservatory or conservatory-style building, then you may be familiar already with Building Regulations. Whilst planning permission is not always required (always best to check first though!) for some extensions and conservatories, building regulations still need to be adhered to.
If you are in fact just replacing old windows and/or doors, upgrading for better quality, a more modern feel or higher quality product, then it is highly unlikely that building regulations will have crossed your mind, because in all honesty, why would they? Windows and doors themselves must also meet building regulations. This is not your responsibility though, it is the responsibility of the company you buy from to have products and the installation of them registered with Building Control to meet the strict requirements. What is your responsibility though is to ensure you use a reliable provider who does meet these standards. You’ll be pleased to know that Launa Windows do. Your installation with Launa Windows will be registered with CERTASS (FENSA is an alternative company that you may hear mentioned with other companies as well) and you will be provided with a verified certificate for your records. Keep this safe as if you decide to move house, you are more than likely to be asked to provide a copy to your solicitors.

All of Launa Windows come with a 10-year guarantee, are certified with the relevant regulators and are A-rated in energy efficiency which is important in keeping heating bills down! Launa Windows specialise in providing:

  • Casement windows
  • Sash windows
  • French windows
  • Tilt and Turn windows
  • Bay and Bow windows

All of the above are available in a wide range of colours, styles and designs that can have features adapted to suit your preferences, from handles to hinges and a fantastic selection of decorative glass. The frames themselves are available in over 20 different colours enabling you to match the look and feel of your new windows to your property, whatever its style, age or character, without having to compromise product quality and efficiency. Launa Windows also offer triple glazing to take your new windows to the next level in energy efficiency and truly keeping the warm in and the cold out to moderate your internal temperature as much as possible and reduce your bills.


Just like their windows, all Launa Windows’ doors come with a 10-year guarantee and are equally tested and certified by the relevant industry regulators, as well as being A-rated in energy
efficiency. Launa Windows specialise in providing:

  • uPVC panel doors
  • Composite doors
  • Patio doors
  • French doors
  • Stable doors
  • Bi-fold doors

This wide selection covers your every need, whether an internal or external door and the variety of features that can be adapted and altered really enables a great deal of flexibility in ensuring that you get the exact product that is perfect for you and your home.

Whilst security of your windows is incredibly important, the security of your doors is even more so. Launa Windows have multi-chambered uPVC frames in the doors constructed with welded joints for additional strength. Their locks are also made with anti-bump, anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-snap and anti-extraction features that are trusted and acknowledged by many insurance companies for added peace of mind.

Conservatories, Orangeries and Porches

Many window and door manufacturers, providers and installers tend to offer a range of conservatory, conservatory-style buildings and porch options, however Launa Windows admittedly do go a little further in offering such a wide range of options and product styles within this area. Through Launa Windows, you can explore a variety of options that would make a wonderful addition to your property:

  • Victorian conservatories
  • Edwardian / Georgian conservatories
  • Gable conservatories
  • Lean-to conservatories
  • Tiled roof conservatories
  • Lantern roof conservatories
  • Orangeries
  • Porches

Their entire range is made to measure and come with a variety of options including wall and brickwork structures and designs.

Launa Windows have plenty of styles and ideas to choose from or you can of course create your own unique design to fit the space you wish to build in, the shape of your property and/or garden and to truly reflect your personal style and taste.

What do their customers think?

It is not uncommon to see websites flooded with customer reviews, whether they are moving across every page of the website in a live feed or slide show at the top or bottom. Of course, personal recommendations from previous customers are the best assurance of a company and any organisation receiving great feedback is always desperate to share it, but sometimes there can be information overload with an unnecessary volume.

Launa Windows steer clear of this and just keep to offering a simple tab where you can access customer testimonials. Rather than feature snapshots of written reviews, as many window and door providers do, Launa Windows have taken it a step further and filmed their customer testimonials to provide a few short video clips for you to watch:

Of course there is always the risk that these are actors and staged reviews; however this tends to be less common with smaller companies, like Launa Windows, as they tend not to have the large marketing budget of larger nationwide suppliers who are able to afford actors for the likes of TV adverts and videos. Launa Window’s reviews seem very genuine and are complemented elsewhere online through a decent number of reviews left on third part websites.
Launa Windows do not boast the consistent 4 and 5 star reviews that many other companies do; instead they tend to sit on average around 3 stars with very mixed reviews around customer service. For smaller companies that are based in regional locations it is more difficult to find reviews, especially those outside of large cities, such as Launa Windows, as it is not quite so typical to leave a review online afterwards.

Whilst a limited number, what the mix of reviews online does suggest is that these are at least genuine and have not been tampered with by Launa Windows directly, as is often suspected has happened with other companies.

Launa Windows’ website does enable you to search for customer reviews by typing in your postcode to find previous customers in your local area and read about their experience. This actually opens up a much larger realm of reviews compared to what is available elsewhere online but oddly is not under their customer testimonial tab – this is in fact featured on the homepage and could easily be missed or overlooked. This is a great tool which is really effective and provides real reassurance in their services.

Launa Windows Offers

Launa Windows are currently running two offers that are applicable for the same product depending on the quantity you require. Launa Windows are offering a package deal with a fixed price but added value, rather than a % discount. This offer applies to their range of window and door products and is as below:

Have 4 windows and 1 door fitted from only £1999.00. This offer included free trims and free external cills.

This offer applies to white casement windows which come with A-rated glass as standard. The maximum window size that is included within this offer is 1200 x 2000mm. There are some other limitations such as only 1 opener per window and only white handles. The door must also be white uPVC with white handles but there is a choice of 13 different styles. The price does include VAT.

The second offer is essentially exactly the same in terms of the specification and limitations applied to the products themselves, but provides instead 7 windows and 1 door fitted from only £3249.00 inclusive of VAT and also includes the same deal in regards to free trims and free external cills.